May 2015 Update – Welcome!

Welcome to the new website for The English Teacup!

You may have noticed that things have been very quiet on The English Teacup (blogspot) lately and this is because I’ve been overwhelmed with my end of year exams and I’ve been waiting on a free moment to set up this new website. As domain names do cost a little money to keep running and I’d love to be on a premium plan in the future, please spare the time to peruse my archived blog and have a wander on a few of the adverts to help while the application for this new website to run Google Adsense is processing.

So what’s been going on this month?
My exams and first year at university finished on the 22nd and as per, I took them way more seriously than your average first-year undergrad student should but I’ve learned so much that I don’t have a single regret about hitting the books plus, if you’re doing something you love and have a genuine interest in, it doesn’t feel all that much like work. Enough about that though, student summer is upon us!

I was elected president of Newcastle University’s Creative Writing Society last week meaning I have a greater excuse to lose myself in words (among other responsibilities of course!), keep your eyes peeled for creative pieces coming onto this blog! It may be a little while yet as the projects I’m currently working on are quite lengthy, I plan on finishing one of them before I start shorted projects that I can post online.

There will be a post uploaded over the next few days about Newcastle’s Unity Festival 2015. It was a brilliant event for a great cause and volunteering as a steward for the first time gave me a different perspective to the whole thing which I can’t wait to tell you about.

As a sacrifice for the sake of revision and my own sanity, I spent two weeks staying off Facebook (apart from a few unavoidable browses but more about that later). It was quite interesting to see how my attitude towards it as well as my attitude towards life in general changed over the fortnight. I’ll be posting more about it later but I can confidently say that it was an eye-opener to see just how much Facebook is integrated into absolutely everything from event invitations to keeping up with news to organising academic presentations – not being on it was like declaring I was a hermit!

Anyway, that’s all for now.
Let me know what you think of the new website and be sure to sign up to the email updates so you can be in the loop with what’s going on!

– The English Teacup

4 thoughts on “May 2015 Update – Welcome!

  1. I look forward to seeing your comments regarding abstinence from Facebook!
    I still think that far too many of us, myself included, allow fb to dictate our life and personal values.
    Best of luck with your new blog x


    • It was pretty interesting how much more I had to rely on it for university than I ever did before – almost all uni events completely depend on it which would make you really miss out if you weren’t on it. I’m going to do a post about invisible illnesses as well, will share my thoughts on that one on Tuesday with you x


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