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To view the Photos & Words project, click the link below:

This project is in its early stages, please have some patience with me while I figure out its direction and iron out any problems.
I’m a complete amateur with a camera and I’m limited by the demands of my final year at university in terms of both time and money. With that in mind, if you enjoy my work, it would really make my day to receive a show of support – whether that be through feedback (contact details below), a small donation to help with the costs of maintaining this blog, or a simple social media like. I do this as an expressive creative outlet, as encouragement to explore different places and relieve stress, and because I enjoy the whole process.
I hope you enjoy it too!

What is the Photos & Words project?
The way I see it, each photo you take has the potential to tell an infinite amount of stories. As I love taking photographs to document the world around me, I want to combine this with my love of words.
Previously, I did this by using storytelling to experiment with piecing flash fiction and poetry to images. Now, I want to widen the project further by including the images as standalone posts or with quotations from notable people. An advantage of this is I will be able to post many more images and enjoy greater variety too.

What’s the purpose of the Photos & Words project?
I use image prompts in most of my creative writing work and find them particularly useful for drawing out inspiration in group sessions. It’s astounding the variety in responses from people when they’re all presented with the same image but little to no context and provoking that creative spark in interpreting an image is something I’d like to encourage from people who view or take an interest in this project.

From a personal point of view, my main motivation for doing this project alongside my website is the joy of the process. It’s fun to wander around outside and hunt down the picture I have in mind. Likewise, on a hard day, it’s relaxing to take an interesting photo and tweak it with editing software until I have something that I personally find beautiful in some way or another.

This is a project as, while I don’t want it to dominate my blog and my writing, I do want to showcase it as a separate hobby.

How does the Photos & Words project work?
When I post an image that is included in the project on my blog, I will tag it in the Photos and Words category. All you need to do to see the collection of images is to click on this link (it is also at the top of this page for clarity and accessibility).

I have created an Instagram account which I will use to showcase some of the images and general updates to the project. This Instagram account also links to my Twitter page so if you see duplicate entries across The English Teacup’s social media, rest assured that all updates will forever be consolidated to this blog unless they are specific to a certain social media platform.

How you can help

As always, feedback is incredibly useful to my development as a blogger and writer. If you have time, please comment on my WordPress site, on my Instagram site or on my Twitter page. Alternatively, you can contact me privately by email:

Instagram Page:
Twitter Page:

Sharing my content is great and if you choose to do that, I’ll love you all the more for it! However, please make sure all content produced by me links back to my blog and clearly states my website as a source. This is particularly important when sharing images.
For this reason, I have chosen an unobtrusive watermark, do not remove this.
If you would like to share or use my content for anything other than personal use, please contact me first via email.

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